Friday, 19 August 2011

animal torture around the world..saddest story ever

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p/s: tiz is the important msg i want 2 spread 2 all of u guys n me myself...treat animal fairly as they r also the living things.they hv feeling n know how 2 b in pain.they cant thought but that doesnt meant that human can simply abuse n torture them. think if u r being treated in that way. when human lost their HUMANITIES, AFFECTION n FEELING tiz is something predictable 2 happen. tiz is juz some of the video that i had watch.i am very3 sure that there r still millions of the same videos out there or perhaps unrecorded. juz show some love n respect 2 animals though they r not yours. u don need 2 be an animal lover for this. u can b anybody, a teacher, a lwayer, a students, a boy, a girl or juz an illiteral man...juz b an ordinary person with a little love and care for animals...


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