Saturday, 9 March 2013

power of relax

We need quality relaxation time in order to function well. If we don’t get it, stress hormones like cortisol are released, causing our brains and bodies to function poorly.
This also creates a false sense of busyness. You may feel like you’ve been working hard all day, but in reality you’ve just been working inefficiently.
Consider the difference between jogging all day vs. running at full-speed for a specific period and then resting (twice).

By segmenting your day into defined work and play periods, you will live a more fulfilling, relaxed life + get more done. This is the definition of ‘winning’.
*copy paste
*hakikatnya memang betul statement dia atas. contohnya, kita boleh compare student smart study dengan hard study. memang nampak bezanya. kawan sy sndiri yg sdikit relax dapat score lebih tinggi (anugerah dekan lagi) berbanding member yg hard study. otak kita memang perlukan rehat untuk proses semua maklumat yang kita enter dan analyze. tidur yg cukup memang sangat penting
*kesimpulannya, dalam setiap pekerjaan bersederhanalah..jgn berlebih-lebih c:
*p/s: relax pon relax gak jgn x sentuh nota langsung memang x dapat nak tolong la c:


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